Do you know TINA MINASIAN of Roseville, California, Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Placer County, Sacramento County, Carmichael? Was she your Loan Officer? Did you get a "bad" home loan from her? Did she lock you into a adjustable loan that you can't afford? Are you about to lose your home or did you already lose your home? Are you now being forced to file for bankruptcy? Did she use your personal and confidential information illegally? Did she make unfulfilled promises? Did she misrepresent what she would or would not do? Has this woman stalked, harassed, threatened, "raped you, your friends, family," or terrorized you or someone you know?

Tina Minasian currently works for www.mobiletloan.com and Empire Home Loan Corporation in Roseville, CA. BEWARE!!!! She's a crook! Doing business with her was the biggest mistake of my life!

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Long Beach, Mississippi, United States #4157

I too know of a family who LOST everything due to Tina. She is a liar and a complete fraud.

She had this family refi under the conditions that were false and she knew they couldn't afford the deal they were getting into. Now someone else lives in the home they worked so hard for and now they are living in an apartment. Tina is a LIAR and FAKE!!!!! I know this from expereince.

She had also almost lost her last home and now moved to Woodhaven Circle in Roseville.

She owed more then her last home was worth so she escaped from it by a complete miracle. She now is in over her head AGAIN or shall I say her Husband who has had many affairs on her, I would too if my wife sat on her FAT UGLY *** all day long and tried to have lawsuit after lawsuit support her lazy worthless self.

Lonsdale, Minnesota, United States #3866

I am losing my home. What Tina said were the conditions of my loan were complete falacies..

Trying to re-finance has been a nightmare. Everything I have worked my entire life for is gone.

She has her commission and new car. My family and I will be living in our only car.

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